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The Netherlands

The founding date of Utrecht is around 50 CE and as usually related to the construction of a Roman fortification (Castellum).
In Roman times the name of the Utrecht fortress was simply Trajectum. Trajectum became in Dutch “Trecht”. The U comes from Old Dutch “uut” meaning downriver. The location on the banks of the river Rhine allowed Utrecht to become an important trade centre in the Northern Netherlands. The town Utrecht was granted city rights by Henry V in 1122.
At this moment Utrecht is the fourth largest city of the Netherlands with a population of 310.000.

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DSC_2297.jpg DSC_2300.jpg DSC_2312.jpg Statue at the library DSC_2315.jpg
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F1000013.jpg DSC_8112.jpg Kloostergang.jpg F1000032.jpg The Old Canal Utrecht
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The town hall (back) build by Enric Miralles Utrecht utrecht18.jpg DSC_8091.jpg warmtekrachtcentrale.jpg Utrecht.jpg
Prins_Claus_Brug_2.jpg Beyerskameren.jpg Brasserie_Karel_V.jpg Rietveld_Schroeder_House_.jpg Pausdam Utrecht
F1000008.jpg Pandhof_St._Marie.jpg Achter_de_Dom.jpg F1000022.jpg F1000010.jpg
F1010023a.jpg F1000018.jpg F1010019.jpg Nyenrode.jpg DSC_8051.jpg